24+ Advanced Learning Loans

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From 1st August 2013, if you are aged 24 and over and want to study qualifications at level 3, 4, or an advanced or higher level apprenticeship, you will have to pay your college or training organisation for the cost of your course*.

The 24+ Advanced Learning Loan has been introduced by the Government to help you meet the costs of getting these qualifications. It’s easy to apply for and doesn’t involve a credit check or take your household income into account.

You pay the loan back in installments but not until you’re earning over £21,000 a year


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Step by step process for applying for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan


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Apprenticeship Levy

The new apprenticeship levy on employers will be introduced in April 2017 and will help fund employer apprenticeship schemes and reach the target of delivering three million apprenticeships by 2020.

Levy Calculator