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GCSE Results Day

21st August 2014 by Cleo Jones

Its GCSE results day and many young people in the UK are eagerly awaiting their results. It’s been a great year for GCSE results as yet again we’ve seen an increase in passes with 68.8% of students passing with A*- C grades. It’s been a particularly great year for maths students; seeing a 4.8% rise in passes from last summer bringing a total of 62.4% of students passing with a C grade or above.

Don’t be put down if you didn’t get the grades you were expecting, there are many roads you can go down once you leave school regardless of the grades you’ve gotten. Allot of students will be progressing onto college but with the government currently giving so much support to apprenticeship schemes, allot of students will be considering these. Here at Joint Learning we offer a great range of apprenticeships and traineeships ranging from health and social care to business and admin. Apprenticeships are a great way to gain valuable work and life experience whilst gaining a qualification and getting paid for it too. For a full list of the courses we have on offer and for information on how to apply, please check out our course page.


Apprenticeships offer you a chance to work for a real employer, earn a wage, gain invaluable work experience and gain a qualification that will last you the rest of your life. A total 85% of apprentices upon finishing their qualification will stay in employment with 64% of them staying with the same employer. 32% of all former apprentices have found that they’ve received a promotion at work within 12 months of finishing and 75% said they were given more responsibility within the work place. In a case study, it was said that employers find qualified apprentices 15% more employable then those that aren’t.


Traineeships are a fairly new initiative brought in august this year. Traineeships are an unpaid work placement with an employer that can potentially lead up to an apprenticeship or full time work. They typically last around 6 weeks but can last for a period of 6 months. The key benefit of traineeships is that employers can build skills so that the trainee could potentially be employed by the business. Upon finishing a traineeship you may be offered an interview for a relevant job role or if not you’ve gained a reference for when you come to apply for a new job. One of the benefits of traineeships is that if you’re claiming any out of work benefits you are still eligible to receive them.

Further Information

Still struggling on what to do next? Want to speak with us? Give us a call here at Joint Learning on 01704 562696 or e-mail us at and leave your details. You can always visit our website for all the information on the courses and apprenticeships we have to offer.

Apprenticeship Levy

The new apprenticeship levy on employers will be introduced in April 2017 and will help fund employer apprenticeship schemes and reach the target of delivering three million apprenticeships by 2020.

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